Black Friday

& Cyber Monday 2018

Cyber Monday 2018

Cyber ​​Monday 2018 starts on Monday 26 November. The online deals go on sale at exactly 00:00, so stay on a bit longer on Sunday to assure yourself of the real top deals. Unlike a normal sale, as we know it in the Netherlands, Cyber ​​Monday has a very limited shelf life. The discount actions are valid on this one Monday in the year. Take into account a possible limited edition. Many buyers will therefore make their mark in the night from Sunday to Monday. So do not wait too long with your purchase! Mysterious Cyber ​​Monday deals Moreover, it is common for retailers to indicate at the last minute which deals they will offer. So keep a close eye on the deals, especially the week before Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, and prepare your wish list so that you can hit your feet at the moment!

What is Cyber ​​Monday?

Cyber ​​Monday is the online answer to Black Friday. Web retailers found out that many Americans made online Christmas purchases on the first working day after Black Friday. This was done to escape the crowds in the physical stores. With this trend, this new buying day was launched. The Monday after Black Friday is now known as the day on which online retailers tempt consumers with strong online discount campaigns. The term Cyber ​​Monday has only been around for 10 years, but has already grown - certainly in America - into one of the most important shopping days in the year. The turnover realized on this Monday by retailers is even higher in recent years than during Black Friday.

When black friday 2018

Put Friday 23 November 2018 in your agenda! From that moment all Black Friday offers are available through our website. Monday, November 26. Incoming editions a large part of the offers started before Black Friday. In order not to miss any offers, we also advise you to regularly check our store overview from mid November. This overview is immediately adjusted if new offers are available.

When the price is right

What is Black Friday

Black Friday and hunting for competitive offers is an American tradition that takes place on the Friday after Thanksgiving. In recent years, this American holiday has also gained popularity in the Netherlands. More and more Dutch people are familiar with Black Friday because many stores are responding to this crazy buying day.

Black Friday so what

In short, if you want to do your Christmas shopping cheaply, wait until you buy Black Friday. On this day you can buy a lot of products with interesting discounts. We offer a total overview of participating Dutch stores that have special Black Friday deals. This clear overview helps you to look specifically for the best offers and high discounts!

Benefit from Black Friday 2018

To help you find the best deals, we will make information available via Blackmail well before Black Friday. Thanks to our contacts with the participating (web) stores, we are the first to announce the offers. You can sign up via this page. Furthermore, our overview of participants with all stores and offers is continuously updated. Check these regularly in the period of Black Friday (the first offers start on November 9, 2018). Happy Shopping!

How did Black Friday arise?

The tradition of Black Friday itself is directly related to Thanksgiving. The American (and Canadian) holiday that is all about family. This tradition itself has arisen from the Christian thanksgiving day, in which thanks are given for good harvest and other good things. The term Black Friday is either a reference to the heavy traffic on this day, or to the suggestion that only on this day retailers would write black figures for the current financial year.

Various theories exist about the emergence of Black Friday. The week before Thanksgiving is originally a week where Americans and Canadians hold various parades. From the 19th century, large department stores responded to this by actively sponsoring these parades and launching advertising campaigns. Central to these parades were beautiful deals that were valid during the holiday season. The first day after this week was and is the day after Thanksgiving which is now called Black Friday. In 24 of the 50 American states this black Friday is even an official holiday. A second theory about the emergence of Black Friday is that retailers write "black numbers" for the first time in the year. In the past, the habit of many retailers was to write down their losses in red numbers and their profits in black numbers. Due to the high turnover that most stores run during Black Friday, this day makes big profits and the black pen can finally be removed. This is also a festive day for retailers.

Who does blackfriday

Black Friday is nowhere to be seen in the Netherlands. At our start in 2015 we found "only 35 (web) stores" with specific Black Friday offers and this number has increased to more than 125 participants last year! This means that you can choose from an incredibly large product range with very competitive prices. Especially in the categories of fashion and electronics, the supply has increased considerably in recent years. But discounts on cameras, smartphones, home accessories and even holidays are also possible. Enough shopping! Black Friday Nederland strives to select at least 150 participants during Black Friday 2018.

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black friday 2018

Black Friday and his scenes

Since the offers are very sharp, there are often long queues waiting for the doors on this black Friday. Some people in America choose to put their car in the vicinity of the shop in question a week in advance to ensure that they can easily tow their new additions to the car. On the day itself it is no longer possible to find a parking space near the various shops. It is even questionable whether you can come with a car near shops and supermarkets, because the traffic is completely fixed on this day. People try to be the first at the stores because you can only claim the discounts on this day. So you are unlucky when the products are sold out. People who like to think a little longer about their purchases are therefore forced to make a decision immediately. In America, this can even lead to extreme situations, where bargain hunters are fisted with each other to secure the latest articles.

Best deal

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